Addressing the wide spectrum of income tax issues facing your organization.

We understand the impact of today’s political and business climate, and how it places increased regulatory scrutiny on income tax filings, reporting and disclosures. Working directly with your internal tax accounting department — or as a completely outsourced provider delivering support and supervision — CFGI offers a range of adaptable corporate tax solutions. This enables our clients to retain control of internal tax compliance functions, without over-stressing their in-house resources.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Evaluate existing or planned tax transactions and positions.

  • FIN 48 tax positions
  • Deferred taxes and valuation allowances
  • FAS 109 audits
  • Tax credits

Corporate Tax Outsourcing

Prepare and document annual tax provision calculations and prepare annual and quarterly filings for corporate returns.

  • Corporations
  • Sub S corporations
  • Partnerships