·       Hands-on experience translating data and analytics into actionable insights with ability to create reports and present observations to clients in a clear and concise manner.

·       Able to design and execute the transformation and analysis of large structured and unstructured / quantitative and qualitative datasets.

·       Strong problem-solving skills with ability to work independently, owning and driving projects from requirements through execution by implementing various data analytics solutions.

·       Work closely with stakeholders to understand their business needs, developing and maintaining strong internal and client relationships to manage cross-functional projects/initiatives.

·       Manager-level candidates will also have project management experience in cross-functional engagements including accounting/finance, FP&A, modeling, and/or tech implementation.

·       Must be able to effectively communicate complex, technical topics to a novice, non-technical audience with a passion for collaboration, learning new technologies, and client success.

·       Ability to manage individual workflow and task responsibilities.

Skills and Competencies:

·       Alteryx

·       Power Automate

·       PowerBI

·       Tableau

·       Data Architecture

·       Data Modeling / Analytics

·       Strong Excel skills

·       Finance/Accounting background

·       Data Science

·       Data Visualization

·       Solution Architecture

·       Workflow Automation

·       Programming (e.g., SQL, Java, Python, R)

·       RDMS (relational database management systems)

·       Exposure to data platforms (e.g., Snowflake, Databricks)

·       Data Engineering

Qualifications & Capabilities:

We would like individuals to have a balanced breakdown of the following skills:

1) Must have: The candidate should have strong soft skills and general areas of technical competence, as this is the backbone of the candidate’s day to day work in the Business Transformation group here at CFGI.

2) ‘Major’ concentration: At least one technical skill that the user is Certified in and has been using on a consistent basis for 2+ years; Considers themselves near ‘fluent’ or ‘super-user’.

3) ‘Minor’ concentrations:  At least 2+ technical skills that the individual has at the very least.

Must Have (Core Experience):

·       Bachelor’s degree is required; educational backgrounds in quantitative fields like Accounting/Finance, Information Systems, Statistics, Computer Science is preferred.

·       CPA or other relevant designations are preferred.

·       Analytics background and experience, preferably in a client service environment.

·       Solid communication, teaming, presentation and project management skills.

·       Ability to research and generate ad-hoc solutions to problems.

·       Strong Excel skills – Using formulas (VLOOKUP, SUMIF, IF statements, INDEX/MATCH etc.).

Major/Minor Competencies:

·       ETL Automation: Alteryx.

·       Visualization: Tableau / MSFT PowerBI.

·       Code-Based: Python (R acceptable but not preferred).

·       Data Query: SQL (T-SQL) / (mySQL acceptable but not preferred).

·       Relational Data: Understanding of Database syntax (Table Structure, Joins, Filters).