Join us for a Workforce Planning Webinar on August 15th, 2023

Join CFGI and Planful for an exclusive webinar on how to improve your xP&A deployment to include strategic workforce planning.

Your company’s workforce is the backbone of your organization. Strategic workforce planning in today’s world has become increasingly challenging. In addition to the various economic drivers that steer business decisions in this area, organizations are now also competing with remote working, hybrid workforces and changes to worker engagement on a global level.

In recent years, businesses have realized the importance of their workforces as a driver for success, and many organizations have had to re-evaluate their workforce planning domestically and globally. Essentially, good workforce planning will evaluate a company’s workforce of today and strive to eliminate any gaps between current capabilities and the human capital requirements of the future, in alignment with the business goals. Workforce planning is a fundamental business process that aligns business goals and needs with people strategy.

Along with industry experts and platform professionals, we will discuss the benefits of workforce planning, which include:

  • Having a clear and concise strategic workforce direction for the company.
  • Ensuring all workforce requirements are directly aligned with the company’s business plans.
  • Enabling the best decisions in terms of how to structure the organization and deploy the workforce.
  • Identifying and implementing skills gap reduction strategies where gaps exist between competencies the workforce currently possesses and future state requirements.
  • Identifying and overcoming internal and external barriers to accomplishing strategic workforce goals.

Why attend:

Your people assets are your most valuable resource. Despite the importance of workforce planning, many companies still struggle to prioritize and implement strategic workforce planning into their existing processes. When assembled properly, a good workforce planning model will set a company up for success, ensuring that its workforce of today is aligned with its human capital needs of tomorrow.  It enables a company to react and adapt to certain market changes.

Join us for an exclusive webinar to explore why effective workforce planning is so important for businesses of all sizes. Strategic workforce planning can help your organization:

  1. Reduce labor costs in favor of workforce deployment and flexibility.
  2. Identify and respond to changing customer needs.
  3. Identify strategies for focused people development.
  4. Target inefficiencies.
  5. Improve employee retention.
  6. Improve productivity and quality outputs.
  7. Improve employees’ work-life balance.
  8. Deliver strategic value through talent.

Our webinar aims to address these points in more detail and discuss ways your organization can leverage xP&A more effectively to become adaptable and resilient.

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