Whitepaper: How Do You Find the Right CFO for Your Company?

In this white paper, we examine the key considerations that go into finding the right CFO for your company.


Whitepaper: 10 Ways to Improve Your SOX Compliance Program This Year

The recommendations in this white paper will help you make lasting improvements to your SOX compliance program.


Whitepaper: Management Review Controls: What You Need to Know

Management’s assessment of the design and effectiveness of controls is a crucial component of SOX compliance.


Whitepaper: The Evolution of the IT Audit in an Age of Technology

Read our whitepaper to learn how IT audit demands have evolved, and what you can do to improve the scope and efficacy of internal reviews.


The Future Is Already Here, and CFOs Need to Transform Finance to Survive

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eBook: The 6 Habits of a Highly Effective SOX Compliance Program

Every year, public companies can spend millions of dollars on their Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance programs.


Case Study: Reverse Acquisition between Private Operating Company and Public Registrant

Case Study: Initial Public Offering of Foreign Medical Diagnostic Company

Case Study: Initial Public Offering of a Clinical Stage Biotech