Quality work and client satisfaction:
the only barometers for our success.

At CFGI, there are only two standards that define our success. The first is the quality of our work. The second is the client satisfaction that comes from knowing we have served you with the utmost integrity — while providing exceptional added value.

With each client assignment, we continue to expand our deep base of knowledge, our hands-on experience — and our passion for client service. By attracting top-tier professionals and supporting them with this cumulative expertise, CFGI has built a reputation as a go-to solution provider for critical finance and accounting challenges.

By partnering with CFGI, you gain access to a full-service financial consulting and corporate finance resource. With a solid foundation of operational and technical expertise, our well-rounded team is ready to deliver the requisite services and support to achieve your goals quickly, efficiently and effectively.
Key advantages include:

team-icon Team.

Of all the tools and resources at our disposal, our most important — and most valuable — is the team of dedicated professionals we have assembled. Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with years of public accounting experience and a history of proven business success.

alignment-icon Alignment.

Our flexible model enables our clients to draw on the most effective skill set to tackle a particular problem or issue. We align our resources with the specific needs of our clients, delivering quality counsel, service and solutions.

immediacy-icon Immediacy.

Our team can be rapidly deployed into nearly any business environment — from pre-IPO startups to Fortune 500 corporations — delivering immediate results for even the most time-sensitive and tight turnaround situations. Through our depth of experience, we can get to work and begin delivering measurable results quickly.

independence-icon Independence.

Our dedicated professionals can work as advisors, providing support for a specific task or business function, or can serve as an extension of your existing management team, free from independence restrictions.

value-icon Value.

Our ability to deliver resources with the relevant experience tailored to each project need results in the highest quality work and the most efficient use of time. Our clients also benefit from the cumulative knowledge and tools of our firm, thereby leveraging the value of our expertise.