Office of the CFO

Our mission is to empower CFOs by providing comprehensive support and expertise.

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We believe that CFGI's success comes directly from the success of the CFOs we work with.

Supporting CFOs in All Critical Functions

The role of CFOs is constantly evolving. It includes financial, legal, regulatory, and operational responsibilities. Today’s CFOs are expected to navigate a complex landscape, managing various critical functions such as:

As an independent partner, we collaborate closely with CFOs, unburdened by any constraints from being the company’s auditor. Our primary goal is to empower CFOs and drive optimal company performance.

Why Choose CFGI

At CFGI, all our accounting professionals have Big 4 backgrounds. Our expertise and knowledge are top-notch. Our non-accounting consultants, such as our cybersecurity and data & analytics teams, bring valuable experience from large consultancies. Our CFO and private equity-focused professionals all have hands-on management experience.

We believe that our senior professionals’ active involvement leads to exceptional value delivery. With CFGI, our Partners and Managing Directors remain directly engaged with clients, leveraging their extensive experience to drive successful outcomes.

Our culture is completely focused on serving our clients with dedication, delivering high-quality performance and being highly responsive to their needs. We take pride in our flexible and dynamic staffing models that allow us to act swiftly and efficiently. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients and advocate for their best interests.

Supporting CFOs Across Companies, Stages, Sizes, and Industries

Our experienced team has a proven track record of supporting diverse organizations. We cater to start-ups, growth companies, businesses undergoing significant transactions, and Fortune 500 companies. We adapt our expertise and solutions to meet the unique requirements of each situation. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide specialized resources tailored to specific industry needs. 


Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?