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ESG Strategy: Navigating Complexity Together

More companies than ever are prioritizing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and sustainability initiatives. This heightened interest stems from the growing attention given to this information by investors, lenders, regulators, employees, and consumers. ESG and sustainability reporting frameworks and regulations are intricate, continually changing, and can extend across multiple locations.

Developing a thoughtful ESG and sustainability strategy has become crucial to address both risks and opportunities while aligning with a company’s principles, objectives, and policies. This strategy is essential in meeting the rising demand for such information. Similarly, organizations that have established and reported impactful and coherent ESG and sustainability strategies have garnered premiums from investors in finance and capital markets transactions. Getting this “right” can bring significant value and competitive advantages to your organization.

Due to the constantly evolving regulatory and reporting landscape, organizations may encounter challenges in identifying sufficient resources and developing the necessary employee skillsets to comply with new requirements and meet stakeholder demands.

How CFGI Can Help

CFGI’s ESG and Sustainability Reporting Practice brings extensive experience in catering to global public and private companies grappling with diverse regulatory requirements. We cater to companies at all stages of ESG and Sustainability adoption, ranging from expert-level organizations that have already established a reporting process for voluntary ESG and Sustainability disclosures to those initiating the development of an internal infrastructure for compliance with laws and regulations. Our team possesses diverse capabilities, encompassing framework implementation, technical accounting and reporting, governance, risk and compliance, and system and data transformation.

While the requirements of various standards such as ISSB, SEC, CSRD, TCFD, or the California Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act may vary, our implementation and support methodology remain straightforward and adaptable to your organization’s needs.

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