CFGI Partners with SecurityScorecard to Offer Security Rating Monitoring as a Service

CFGI, a leading provider of Accounting Advisory, Cybersecurity and IT Risk Advisory solutions, and SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, today announced a new partnership to streamline and strengthen how organizations manage their cybersecurity and third-party risk through the use of Security Ratings.

CFGI has partnered with SecurityScorecard to non-intrusively evaluate an organizations’ cybersecurity using an ‘outside-in’ methodology. This approach enables CFGI to monitor and update the cybersecurity ratings of our clients in a continuous manner. With these cybersecurity ratings and the extensive information on which they are based, organizations are presented with valuable information for assessing compliance with industry leading cybersecurity risk standards.

As a SecurityScorecard managed security services provider (MSSP), CFGI will be delivering industry-leading cybersecurity ratings to clients to improve their security posture, ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and to continuously monitor third-party risk. This partnership comes at a time when risk and compliance teams are experiencing unprecedented pressure to successfully manage their own and third-party risk, due to changing regulatory requirements, higher numbers of vendors and more pressure from the board of directors.

Heightened regulatory scrutiny has created the need for next-generation solutions to help organizations better manage the risk posed by their business partners. With the partnership between CFGI and SecurityScorecard, organizations can now be aware of cybersecurity gaps and advised on what is needed to fill them.

“With the growing cybersecurity-related challenges we are seeing in today’s market, the need for security ratings evaluation and monitoring is imperative,” said Randy Streu, Vice President of Alliances at SecurityScorecard. “We are proud to partner with CFGI to give our joint customers exposure to the many security rating use cases CFGI can provide such as advisory services, security rating monitoring, and vendor risk assessments and monitoring.” 

What value do CFGI clients receive?

  • Technical dashboards and detailed reports with your most critical risk factors.
  • Easy-to-read board-level reports and workflow tools for cybersecurity assessments.
  • Risk remediation advisory services by CFGI, whose experts work closely with your technology teams or third parties.
  • Ability to view your historical vulnerabilities and threats for continued improvement.
  • Ability to quantify and demonstrate your return on security investments.
  • Ability to benchmark your cybersecurity current state against industry peers and competitors.

“Connecting CFGI’s Security Risk Monitoring Service into the SecurityScorecard Platform allows us to provide our clients with a detailed view of the organization’s cyber health. This also empowers organizations to easily identify and prioritize high-risk third parties for assessment and remediation. We look forward to our relationship with SecurityScorecard to further help our clients transform and address their ongoing cybersecurity needs,” said Ninad Purohit, Partner and Cybersecurity Practice Leader at CFGI.