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Challenges Faced by Real Estate CFOs

CFOs in the real estate industry encounter distinctive challenges that require specialized expertise:

Recruitment and Retention of Talent

Hiring and retaining professionals with expertise in real estate-specific accounting matters such as Common Area Maintenance (CAM) calculations, lease accounting, and GAAP versus Tax accounting.

Cash Flow Management and Liquidity Projections

Navigating cash flow management and liquidity projections in a challenging environment marked by volatile interest rates and vacancy rates in commercial real estate.

Debt and Lender Reporting

Meeting the stringent requirements of debt and lender reporting, providing clear and supportable revenue and liquidity projections to maintain compliance with capital institutions.

CFGI Expertise in Real Estate

At CFGI, we bring a wealth of expertise to address the specific needs of the real estate industry:

Recent Relevant Projects

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in recent projects that showcase our capabilities:

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