Consumer Business

Retail with the consumer has evolved significantly. It is a world of multiple channels and retailer segments – online, mass merchants, dollar stores, department stores and specialty retail – competing for consumers. Consumers and technology have morphed rapidly, and retail has long ceased to be a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

The impact of online retail and the retail story continues to unfold. We are witnessing a dramatically altered retail landscape, littered with the remains of well-known and historical retail brands. Consumers and technology continue to change, creating a moving target and endless stream of challenges for even the best retailers. Now more than ever, retail survival is a journey of disruption and not a destination.

Efficiency is the name of the game in consumer business. In today’s markets, achieving that efficiency demands innovative approaches to core business functions, including shared services, supply chain, operational finance, accounting, IT, risk management and compliance. CFGI can help you navigate the dynamic realm of consumer business, where efficiency is the key to thriving in today’s markets.

Challenges Faced by CFOs

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer business, CFOs grapple with unique challenges:

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Finding and retaining professionals with expertise in consumer business-specific accounting matters

Identifying Efficiencies

Innovative approaches to core business functions, including shared services, supply chain, operational finance, accounting, IT, risk management and compliance.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

Success requires deep knowledge of the retail and consumer products landscape, with a detailed understanding of managing the inner workings of a business and relevant key performance indicators.

CFGI’s Expertise

CFGI provides extensive industry expertise combined with data-driven, objective and innovative approaches to the most complex retail challenges. Our significant experience working with companies at critical inflection points in their lifecycles has informed our approach and instilled a sense of urgency in solving problems.

Evaluating and enhancing current operating models, encompassing shared services, supply chain management, and finance, while leveraging our expertise in robotic process automation (RPA) and other innovative technologies to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and foster productivity and revenue opportunities.
Guiding companies through the intricate IFRS conversion process, ensuring successful transitions and compliance, with a focus on enhancing systems, processes, and delivering more efficient and meaningful financial information.
Deploying CFO services and interim management staff, offering an array of skilled professionals, including CFOs, interim accounting managers, SEC reporting directors, controllers, and revenue recognition managers, capable of supporting short-term tasks or long-term finance-transformation initiatives and everything in between.
Automate routine tasks and processes with CFGI’s automation solutions. Free up your team to focus on more meaningful and strategic work, while reducing errors and increasing the saNavigating the IPO phase is critical for innovative companies, and our experts are ready to assist from pre-submission preparations through post-submission, including aftermarket trading support.peed of financial operations.
Conducting thorough internal audits of operational-finance functions, providing management with findings, improvement recommendations, and collaborative roadmaps for resolution.
Comprehensive acquisition and divestiture support, including purchase accounting, valuations, integrations, carve-out financial statements, pro-forma statements, held-for-sale accounting, transaction advisory, due diligence, asset valuations, tax solutions, risk advisory, audit readiness, and more.

Why Choose CFGI?

Our cross-functional specialists simultaneously approach every project from the lens of the accountant, auditor, technologist and consultant. This blend of expertise lets us provide tailored, strategic guidance that yields immediate and lasting business benefits. We deliver a service experience that is second to none in the consumer business industry.

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