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Empowering Growth and Adaptability for the Dynamic Landscape of Business Services

The business services industry has experienced significant growth because of dramatic shifts in how companies are addressing their core business functions, including transportation and logistics, marketing, sales, finance and accounting, human resources and recruiting, and other operational and administrative functions. 

CFGI assists business services organizations address their clients’ evolving needs by providing a broad range of financial and operational solutions to optimize performance, drive profitability, and accommodate change.

CFGI’s Expertise

CFGI assists business services organizations in assessing their operating model and designing and implementing the people, process, and technology changes necessary to streamline operations, address the challenges of rising costs, and optimize performance and value creation, including:

  • Automation & Analytics – Digital transformation leveraging data ecosystems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and advanced analytics to develop key performance indicators (KPIs), derive actionable insights, and fuel strategic decisions.

  • Technology Solutions – Helping your organization best leverage technology by aligning with the needs of your business, drawing on vendor selection, program management, and system implementation experience.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis – Maximizing the value of your FP&A function and leveraging industry expertise, data fluency, and a hands-on approach to strategic business partnering.

Analyzing your revenue arrangements and determining the correct recognition methodology under ASC 606 can be a daunting task as service offerings and operating models continually evolve in the business services industry. CFGI has the expertise to help you assess and proactively consider the accounting implications of your different types of revenue arrangements. We work with business services clients to evaluate and structure their contracts with customers to ensure compliance with the complexities introduced by ASC 606 and assist with the implementation of IT systems and other solutions to automate their contract management and revenue recognition processes.

Under ASC 842, both operating and finance leases need to be recognized on the balance sheet. The new accounting has a significant impact on how companies manage their lease portfolios and report their financial statements to stakeholders. Our lease accounting specialists help business services organizations comply with the new requirements by developing accounting policies and implementing new processes, controls, and automation technologies to optimize lease management, accounting, and reporting.

To better adapt to the continually evolving industry and achieve synergies to drive profitability, the business services industry has been experiencing a high level of consolidation and merger and acquisition activity. Whether it’s assessing the accounting for an acquisition or divestiture, integrating or standing up the finance, accounting, or treasury functions of an acquired business, preparing for a carve-out or spin-off transaction, performing valuations of the underlying assets and liabilities acquired, executing buy or sell-side due diligence, or evaluating the tax impacts of a transaction, CFGI has the established expertise to ensure all M&A related implications and challenges are considered.

The Business services industry has been experiencing challenges caused by the transition to a remote work environment and a highly competitive landscape for talent. CFGI provides highly skilled professionals that assist business services organizations in a variety of functions including accounting and finance, FP&A, IT systems implementations, business transformation initiatives, and internal audit and compliance. Our interim resources can partner with your organization for both short-term and long-term functions and project-specific initiatives, and we do this effectively, with minimal ramp-up time, while seamlessly integrating with your internal team.


Our team of former Big 4 and industry professionals have the versatility and hands-on expertise to advise and execute what needs to be done and become an extension of your management team.

 Whether it’s leading you through the implications of common accounting issues for business services companies (i.e., business combinations, revenue recognition, leases, stock-based compensation), analyzing your operating model, identifying cost savings and/or process optimization opportunities, driving your digital transformation, or supporting your business through operational or organizational change, CFGI has the expertise to help.


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