Empowering Growth and Adaptability for the Dynamic Landscape of Healthcare

Successful healthcare operations have a few things in common – they recognize that boundaries between payers, providers, and disrupters, are becoming irrelevant. They see how scale and efficiency is becoming increasingly important, so they prioritize innovation. Most aim to give patients more specialized and personalized treatment, leverage technology, and ultimately all aspire to similar goals: To lower the cost of care and improve outcomes.

CFGI’s Expertise

Businesses operating within healthcare face a distinct set of evolving challenges that demand consistent and reliable financial expertise and adaptability.
CFGI is a frictionless partner ready to bring perspective and attention to detail in order to supplement and enhance your financial and accounting operations as you address challenges such as:

  • Maintaining compliance with regulatory and financial reporting standards.
  • Reimbursement changes, from contracted or government payer rate changes to the transition from fee for service to value-based care.
  • Finding innovative ways to manage expenses while maintaining high-quality care standards.
  • Addressing the disruption of labor shortages and supply constraints and their impact on financial and contingency planning.
  • Safeguarding patient health information with robust cyber security.

The health services industry is evolving and CFGI has experienced that first-hand through supporting the unique journey of our clients across the spectrum of the industry.
Traditional healthcare business models are being disrupted in all sub-sectors. We have the experience and stand ready to help both new entrants and traditional participants to navigate this (r)evolution. We have deep experience across all sub-sectors of healthcare services, including:

  • Hospitals, Health Systems & Large Providers 
  • For profit & not-for-profit 
  • Primary, acute, post-acute, step-down and long-term care  
  • Ambulatory care and specialty physician practices 
  • Revenue cycle management and Health IT 
  • Managed Care and Care Co-ordination 
  • Digital Health & Analytics
  • Value-Based Care
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacy
  • Benefit Management
  • Behavioral Health and Recovery
  • General & Specialty Dental
  • Staffing, Consulting & Other Services

Selected highlights from our team resumes:

  • Owned and built a multi-location healthcare staffing and outpatient therapy clinic business, before exiting to a financial sponsor.
  • Spent over a decade at a Dental Service Organization supporting over 860 Dental Offices. He led all aspects of the financial close and reporting processes in a high-volume environment, managing over 860 locations and published over 1,700 Income Statement reports and Balance Sheet reports monthly.
  • A finance leader with the largest Behavioral Healthcare company in the country.
  • Helped an integrated care provider seamlessly execute on their year-end close and audit after they were impacted by unanticipated turnover in their financial team.
  • Helped a growing health intelligence organization execute a public reporting readiness project, focused specifically on close acceleration and FP&A.
  • Helped a healthcare software and services client with revenue recognition analysis, resulting in changes to sales contracts to benefit the client.
  • Helped a major acute hospital provider create $50 million of cost savings through helping transition multiple service areas, including RCM and patient services, to a global business center.
  • Helped a newly formed portfolio company of a large international PE firm to integrate and consolidate three different portfolio companies in the healthcare space to create a new $160 million enterprise value company.
  • CFGI’s restructuring team assisted a community hospital facing economic headwinds and potential closure. The hospital emerged from Chapter 11 preserving hundreds of jobs, resolving medical malpractice litigation, and continuing care to lower income neighborhoods.
  • Assisted a large private equity backed specialty physician practice expand its service offerings through due diligence of multiple acquisition targets.

A Comprehensive Range of Financial and Accounting Services for Healthcare Businesses

CFGI is here to help. We offer a range of services to the healthcare industry, including:

Quarterly and Annual SEC Reporting

CFGI assists healthcare organizations in preparing accurate and timely financial reports to meet SEC requirements.

IPO and Reverse Merger Preparation

For organizations looking to go public or undergo reverse mergers, CFGI provides the necessary financial expertise and support.

SOX 404 Internal Controls Assessments and Implementations

CFGI helps healthcare organizations implement internal controls to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

SEC Comment Letter Responses

CFGI assists in responding to SEC comment letters to ensure clear and satisfactory communication with regulatory authorities.

Cross-Border Transactions

CFGI supports healthcare organizations in navigating the complexities of cross-border transactions, including conversions to or from U.S. GAAP.

Gross-to-Net Revenue Accounting

CFGI helps organizations accurately account for gross-to-net revenue in the healthcare sector.

Accounting for Debt and Equity Financings

CFOs can rely on CFGI’s expertise in managing accounting aspects related to debt and equity financings.

Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation

CFGI offers guidance on accounting for stock-based compensation plans.

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

CFGI provides comprehensive services including due diligence, purchase accounting and post-close integration support.

Interim Roles

CFGI offers interim financial leadership to fill temporary gaps in healthcare organizations.


CFGI specializes in valuations, providing insights into the financial worth of healthcare assets and organizations.

Tax Provisions and Compliance

CFGI assists with tax provisions and ensures compliance with relevant tax regulations.


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