Business Transformation – Quote-To-Cash Specialist (Senior Manager/Director)


·       Lead project teams engaged in the successful delivery of CFGI’s Operational Excellence service offering.

·       Perform current state assessment to define the client’s existing QTC process, identifying systems, data flow, stakeholders, manual requirements, client pain points, inefficiencies, risks, and opportunities.

·       Advise on procedural improvements resulting from more optimized use of existing technology and automation in the QTC process.

·       Create and execute a comprehensive implementation plan to streamline sales orders, invoicing, and revenue recognition.

·       Recommend technology investments to address client challenges based on understanding of existing processes.

·       Serve as liaison between the client’s leadership and functional teams to bridge organizational strategy with process optimization at the task level.

·       Help develop strategies by assessing a client’s business challenges/needs/gaps, diagnosing the root problems, and recommending an approach leveraging CFGI assets.

·       Identify and support business development initiatives; participate in and lead aspects of the proposal development process.

·       Develop thought leadership in areas of high importance to QTC clients. 

·       Maintain an understanding of advancements in technology and innovations which are happening across digital, analytics, and the broader marketplace.

·       Work alongside key client stakeholders as an extension of their team to develop work plans with proper activities, resource engagement and assignment, expected outcomes and timing.

·       Assume tasks within the defined scope to drive execution and delivery, as needed.

·       Identify when additional CFGI resources might be needed to support additional tasks or expanded scope.

·       Streamline and automate timely reporting of project status to key stakeholders.

·       Facilitate upward communication as requested with Project Sponsors, Executive Leadership or Board of Directors.

·       Constantly be present in client conversations to uncover new needs and be able to speak to CFGI service offerings that can benefit the client and address their needs.

·       Maintain a clear focus on providing exceptional client service at every opportunity.

·       Fully develop and maintain client relationships at all levels within the client’s organization to gain stakeholder trust, become a true business partner that can communicate complex ideas, and gain stakeholder buy-in.

·       Actively participate in the development of the Business Transformation practice and related infrastructure.

·       Maintain a professional and positive attitude.


Preferred Skills:


·       Comprehensive understanding or deep expertise in the quote-to-cash core business cycle, operating models, organizational structures, and process best practices.

·       Proven experience in engagement management, leading projects and project teams.

·       Effective communication skills, including the ability to clearly communicate with clients, document requirements, and articulate the value proposition and business case for Business Transformation solutions.

·       Independent leadership abilities, capable of driving successful outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction in client engagements.

·       Strong project management skills, enabling timely reporting and progress updates.

·       Willingness to actively participate in internal business leadership, practice development, and initiatives focused on growth and development of team members.


Qualifications and Capabilities:


·       A motivated finance-focused individual with a minimum of ten plus years of combined experience in industry, finance and strategic consulting, as well as operational finance and accounting, with expertise in the quote-to-cash business cycle.  Big Four experience and CPA preferred.

·       Demonstrated ability to successfully lead transformation teams in various aspects of the transformation journey, including strategy development, planning, delivery, and execution.

·       Experience in professional service consulting and/or client engagement management.

·       In-depth knowledge of the end-to-end quote-to-cash (QTC) process, encompassing order management, credit analysis, invoicing, accounts receivable, collections, adjustments and deductions, and revenue recognition.

·       Comprehension of business functions that follow revenue recognition, including reporting.

·       Possesses functional, technical, and/or business knowledge related to people, processes, and technology in the context of sales and finance operations.

·       Familiarity with QTC technology solutions for CRM, billing, and revenue recognition (Salesforce, Zoho,, Hubspot, Freshsales, Zendesk, Pipedrive, etc.).

·       Project management experience is a plus, showcasing the ability to plan, organize, and execute projects effectively.

·       Experience in the SaaS industry is a plus, indicating an understanding of specific order management needs and regulations.