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Process optimization, technology integration, and automation are key strategies to increase business capacity and empower employees to focus on value-driven work. By liberating finance teams from transactional or inefficient tasks, organizations can redirect their efforts toward more meaningful and strategic initiatives. In today’s dynamic business landscape, finance organizations are increasingly expected to collaborate closely with business units, guiding and implementing key strategic decisions.

Addressing evolving reporting, planning, and analysis needs we foresee the CFO’s Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) function becoming increasingly vital. Situated at the nexus of financial knowledge and business value, FP&A is poised to grow in both size and visibility. However, many finance teams face obstacles in supporting this strategic direction, whether due to misaligned technology, inadequate skills, or ineffective analytics tools. Partnering with experts in Strategic Finance & Analytics Transformation can eliminate these barriers and enable FP&A teams to reach their full potential, informing strategic decision-making effectively.

Unparalleled Expertise and Support

At CFGI, we’ve assembled a team of FP&A professionals with the perfect blend of strategic vision and operational acumen. Our collective roster boasts extensive experience from Start Ups to major Fortune 500 companies and industry verticals, spanning from CFO to analyst level. With a hands-on approach, our FP&A experts are dedicated to optimizing FP&A functions through modern solutions encompassing people, process, and technology. We deliver sustainable solutions that yield predictive analytics and outcomes, securing our clients’ seats at the decision-making table.

CFGI stands at the forefront of excellence in our core focus, ensuring businesses thrive through our expertise in the following capabilities:

Strategic Financial Planning

Support strategic business decision-making through data-driven financial modeling and actionable insights.

Reporting & Analysis

Cleanse and consolidate data delivered from various sources to deliver quality reports and analysis used to make informed decisions.

Process & Model Automation

Automate processes and models to drive efficiencies, support data integrity, and capture scenario-based drivers.

Cross-Functional Partnering

Provide best-in-class immersive business partnering support and earn the coveted roll as a trusted advisor.

Interim Management Support

Provide interim support all concurrently implementing best-in-class process designs to maximize efficiencies.

Dashboards & Analytics

Drive real-time business decisions and understand the business drivers through visualizations and analytics.

Representative FP&A Experience:

Strategic Financial Planning

Support strategic business decision-making through data-driven financial modeling:

  • Data-Driven Decision Support: Employing meticulous, data-driven financial modeling to facilitate strategic business decision-making.
  • Robust Budgeting: Crafting comprehensive budgets that align functional objectives seamlessly with corporate goals and overarching initiatives.
  • Timely Performance Tracking: Providing accurate and timely periodic forecasts to track and enhance performance throughout the year.
  • Resource Capacity Modeling: Strategically modeling and planning resource capacity to ensure business objectives are met with optimal staffing, thereby gaining cost efficiencies.
  • Capital Expenditure Guidance: Creating detailed capital expenditure plans that serve as informed guides for investment initiatives.
  • Future-Oriented Planning: Developing comprehensive long-range plans to meet stakeholder requests and proactively prepare for event-led transformations, including IPOs and M&A.
Incorporating precision and foresight, CFGI’s enhanced Strategic Financial Planning services stand as a cornerstone for businesses seeking financial excellence and sustainable growth.  

Reporting & Analysis

Cleanse and consolidate data derived from various sources to deliver quality reports and analysis used to make informed business decisions.

  • Dynamic KPI Development: Innovatively developing and tracking leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across any industry or function for comprehensive performance assessment.
  • Holistic Financial Modeling: Producing three-statement financial models that provide management with a clear snapshot of current business operations, whether for a public company or a startup.
  • Tailored Reporting Capabilities: Designing customized management and operational reporting capabilities tailored to the specific needs of financial and operational stakeholders, enhancing performance tracking.
  • External Reporting Guidance: Offering expert guidance on business outlook to fulfill external reporting requirements, ensuring compliance and transparency.
  • Empowering Operational Stakeholders: Establishing self-service reporting techniques to empower operational stakeholders by putting valuable data directly into their hands.

With CFGI’s enhanced Reporting & Analysis services, businesses gain not only data-driven insights, but also the tools and capabilities to communicate and act on those insights effectively.

Cross-Functional Business Partnering

Provide best in-class immersive business partnering support and earn the coveted role as a trusted advisor.

  • Immersive Business Partnership: Providing best-in-class business partnering support to solidify the role as a trusted advisor, actively engaging with key stakeholders.
  • Change Management Leadership: Orchestrating key change management initiatives through a Project Management Office (PMO) approach to ensure seamless operational and process alignment. Promoting functional integration and securing buy-in from crucial stakeholders for effective organizational transformation.
  • Meaningful Budget Input Incorporation: Engaging cross-functional business partners across key functions to incorporate meaningful budget inputs, fostering collaboration and alignment between financial planning and various operational units.

CFGI’s Cross-Functional Business Partnering goes beyond traditional support, offering an integrated and strategic approach to drive organizational success.

Interim Management Support

Provide on-demand interim management services to the Office of the CFO.

  • On-Demand Leadership: Offering on-demand interim management services to the Office of the CFO, providing seamless and reliable support precisely when needed.
  • Comprehensive Role Fulfillment: Seamlessly integrating into your organization to fill critical roles, encompassing core, functional, and specialized positions such as Financial Analyst, FP&A Manager, VP of Finance, Director of FP&A, and CFO.
  • Expertise in Financial Systems: Bringing expertise in financial planning systems design and optimization, leveraging platforms like Adaptive Planning, Oracle Hyperion, Planful, Anaplan, and proficiency in leading business intelligence tools (e.g., Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI).
  • Efficiency-Focused Process Designs: Providing interim support while concurrently implementing best-in-class process designs to maximize efficiencies. This dual approach ensures immediate support and long-term enhancements for sustained organizational success.
CFGI’s Interim Management is not just about filling gaps; it’s a strategic infusion of expertise and leadership to elevate your financial operations during crucial periods.

Partner with CFGI for unparalleled expertise and transformative FP&A solutions. Contact us to explore how we can elevate your FP&A functions and drive your business toward greater success.

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