Meet Andres Garzon: CFGI Partner Who Prioritizes Creating Your Own Path to Success

With a career that covers a broad spectrum of professional achievements, Andres Garzon has a wealth of industry knowledge that he has both learned from and brought to the table at CFGI. Notably, Andres first joined for one year in 2008 and then left to widen his expertise. But his memories of his great experience at CFGI brought him back in 2012. Since then, he has spent the past several years dedicated to leading CFGI’s Business Transformation group and helping companies remain competitive in today’s market.

Exceptional dedication to professional development and growth

After completing his MBA and a Master’s of Science in accounting at Northeastern University, Andres joined Deloitte & Touche as an audit manager. He worked there for six years, gaining expertise in the audit space. 

Following his tenure there, Andres was connected with a CFGI recruiter, which immediately sparked his interest.

“There weren’t any firms like CFGI at the time,” says Andres. “When I heard about them, I was like ‘this sounds too good to be true,’ so I scheduled an interview. One thing led to another and I was hired in 2008.”

Joining as a consulting manager, Andres was struck by the one-of-a-kind professional experience and skillset opportunities that were offered by CFGI.

“I was accustomed to very specific procedures and roadmaps,” he explains. “At CFGI, you don’t have a script, they throw you into the deep end. As terrifying as that may sound, it was a really awesome experience that allowed for nuance and added value to the clients, which I hadn’t felt previously in a professional capacity.”

It was through these professional relationships that Andres formed with his clients that led him to depart CFGI in 2009 and become a corporate controller for another public company.

Gaining experience directly in the industry

When Andres was first approached to join a new company, he was hesitant and turned them down three times to stay with CFGI. However, the idea of entering directly into the industry piqued his interest and led him to accept the final offer to be a corporate controller.

“I was in my late 20s,” says Andres. “So it was an interesting opportunity. I decided to scratch that itch.”

After just over two years, Andres had helped build out the company’s back-office functions, led several acquisitions and had been promoted to vice president. In 2011, he was then offered and accepted a position at PwC as director of transaction services.

However, when Andres and his wife decided to move back to Boston, he contacted his old partners at CFGI.

“I reached out and I said, ‘I’d love to come back,’” explains Andres. “The time I spent at CFGI was some of the most rewarding work that I’ve done in my career.”

Co-building CFGI’s Financial Services 

Now with over 10 years of experience providing accounting, management advisory, and transaction services to public and private companies of all sizes across multiple industries, Andres re-entered CFGI with an idea to build a Financial Services practice.

“With the help of my CFGI partner, Matt Pantera, we decided to co-found a Financial Services practice,” says Andres. “We got it off the ground and built it from scratch on the CFGI platform, which was a really interesting experience.”

Andres continued to innovate and help build out CFGI’s services. By 2019, he started to build out and implement their Business Transformation practice, which he is currently leading.

“It’s been a fun ride, first starting with Financial Services and all that it entails including the learning and business development,” he says. “More recently with Business Transformation, I’ve been able to work with a phenomenal client base. It’s a really, really great fit for me.”

At the end of the day, Andres emphasizes the opportunities and dedication that CFGI has for its employees and clients.

“I can’t speak highly enough of CFGI,” he says. “They’ve created a company culture that allows employees like me to thrive and grow.”