The challenge

A global PE firm had a manually intensive quarterly fund performance reporting process – CFGI leveraged business intelligence solutions to streamline the PE firm’s fund performance reporting effectiveness, consistency, and accuracy.

The CFGI solution

To enable streamlined and dynamic quarterly performance reporting for a global PE firm with ~$350 billion AUM, CFGI automated the process using business intelligence tools.


The CFGI team focused on:

  • A proof of concept using one platform with multiple sub-funds, each including about 20 investments.
  • Creating new tools with flexibility to control the input and allow adaptability for variables beyond the PE firm’s control, (e.g., third party data feeds, etc.).
  • A repeatable and streamlined quarterly performance reporting process to shift the focus on meaningful fund management initiatives


The current process required three FTEs to spend three weeks manually combining files and transforming the data to build fund performance reporting.

The outcome