Meet Kit Thorpe: CFGI’s Connecticut Practice Leader Who’s Always in Search of a New Challenge

In a career that spans a wide variety of unique professional environments, it seems like Kit Thorpe has seen it all. And she isn’t done yet. She draws on her robust industry experience to empower new efforts to expand the Connecticut practice while delivering exceptional client service.

A broad spectrum of experience, ranging from startups to the Big Four

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in accounting and finance from Simmons College, Kit went straight to work with the audit group at PwC. She spent about 10 years altogether with the firm, punctuated by time at home with her children.

Following her tenure at PwC, Kit moved into the role of technical controller with GE Capital. Ultimately, she served as the head of valuations for the company’s largest division.

After working on a new opportunity with a Norwalk, Connecticut, startup to help oversee the business’s initial public offering (IPO) strategy, Kit was hungry for a bigger challenge — a frequent theme throughout her career.

“I never wanted to go into industry, because it’s the same sort of routine,” she says. “I like the variety. I like the change. It keeps me thinking, and it keeps me on my toes.”

That’s when CFGI entered the picture.

Exceptional client service, team development and company growth

When she was first approached about joining the company, Kit was quickly intrigued.

“It’s the kind of work that I really enjoy doing. It’s non-audit work, so I can really help my clients more than I ever could on the audit side of an accounting firm,” Kit says. “We can really get in there and be their trusted adviser on all of their accounting questions.”

As a partner and the Connecticut practice leader, Kit is focused on supporting her exceptional team members as they seek to deliver quality client service and expand CFGI’s client base in the region.

“The firm has a very strong practice in the area of life sciences, and in Connecticut, there is a large life sciences, biopharmaceutical presence — in New Haven and in Stamford,” Kit says. 

“We also have a lot of brand recognition in the financial services space, and there’s a lot of that in Connecticut also — in Fairfield County and Hartford,” she continues. CFGI also works with insurance and technology firms in the state. Together, these diverse avenues constitute a well-rounded grouping of opportunities for the Connecticut practice.

Kit is enthusiastic about CFGI’s collaborative spirit, and she’s always motivated by her ability to help shape the company’s destiny.

“I love the entrepreneurial spirit of CFGI,” she says.

Continuously moving forward

Whenever she has the chance, Kit spends her time going for a run. She’s participated in numerous half-marathons as well as tackled longer courses, and her passion for running is matched by her enthusiasm for professional tennis.

“My happy place is the U.S. Open. Oh my gosh, I would spend every day there if I could, no doubt,” says Kit.

Thankfully, her commitment to her colleagues and her clients ensures that Kit remains committed to finding new ways to provide better customer service every day.

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