Whitepaper: The Evolution of the IT Audit in an Age of Technology

Read our whitepaper to learn how IT audit demands have evolved, and what you can do to improve the scope and efficacy of internal reviews.


Insight and Advice From 3 Seasoned SOX Specialists

CFGI recently rounded up a few of its top Sarbanes-Oxley specialists to discuss all things SOX compliance on camera.


eBook: The 6 Habits of a Highly Effective SOX Compliance Program

Every year, public companies can spend millions of dollars on their Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance programs.


Whitepaper: You’ve got mail – The Hidden Dangers of Phishing

In the past several years, it has been hard to miss the many stories of major businesses, politicians and public figures falling victim to malicious hacking and the release of confidential and sensitive personal or professional data.


The Future Is Already Here, and CFOs Need to Transform Finance to Survive

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The Evolution of the IT Audit in an Age of Technology

In our highly competitive and increasingly connected world, we see broader adoption and growing use of complex information technology (IT) applications at companies in all industries.


Debugging System Implementations

Accounting and finance systems are essential to a Company’s ability to make key decisions and run the business on a day-to-day basis.