Out-of-Court Restructuring or Bankruptcy?: Pros and Cons

A variety of factors can contribute to how and why a company becomes financially distressed.


Cash Management for Distressed Companies: The Importance of a 13-week Budget

No matter what type of business distress a company may be experiencing, a liquidity challenge is one of the most likely results.


With Trouble Meeting Payroll, This Organic Grocery Chain Was in Need of Additional Support

A Transportation and Supply Chain Services Company Was Headed for Chapter 11 Due to Mounting Crises — Until CFGI Arrived

The Future Is Already Here, and CFOs Need to Transform Finance to Survive

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Strategies to Help Distressed Companies Maintain Vendor Relationships

There’s no shortage of challenges that distressed companies face.


An Important Community Health Care Organization Was on the Verge of Shutting Down — CFGI Helped It Persevere After Bankruptcy

This community health care organization fills a vital health care need for many low-income members of the community.