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Add Value Through Internal Audit

CFGI’s internal audit (IA) services bring value to senior management and stakeholders by implementing new processes and promoting accountability throughout an organization. We provide a full range of internal audit services covering various facets of business operations, including compliance, financial reporting, operations, and legal affairs. Our internal audit solutions ensure compliance with established policies and help discover new synergies and best practices within a company, including those related to vendor risk management and fraud deterrence.

Our experienced team of internal audit professionals works closely with our SOX team to provide objective assurance that internal controls, accounting processes, and corporate governance are operating effectively. We can help you implement your Enterprise Risk Management objectives by specifically targeting the most probable and impactful risks from an Enterprise Risk Assessment and designing a custom-built audit solution.

At CFGI, we employ an integrated approach to our internal audit solutions. We perform both Cybersecurity and data privacy audits and IT audits to ensure your overall internal audit program encompasses the unique cyber risk and Information Technology goals and needs of your organization. Our goal is to drive value throughout each step of the audit process and leverage industry best practices to support management issue remediation and process improvement needs.

IA Outsource

Now, more than ever, organizations need strong internal audit functions capable of providing traditional assurance over internal control and compliance matters, yet diverse and skilled enough to deliver tangible value across an ever-expanding population of risks and opportunities in an increasingly complex business world.

As companies mature throughout their lifecycle, their needs for internal audit services increase. Growth-stage and smaller to mid-size companies often find value in outsourcing their internal audit function. CFGI internal audit professionals are uniquely equipped to handle all the challenges that come with the management and day-to-day operation of your IA function, which can include internal audit design and execution, SOX compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, and reporting to the audit committee.

IA Co-Source

Let us help you transform and improve your internal audit function by augmenting your IA team with expert resources possessing a variety of skill sets, from risk assessment and analysis to designing and executing special projects within your internal audit universe. We collaborate with internal audit and executive leadership to create detailed project plans that achieve strategic objectives and fit flexibly into your corporate calendar.

Operational Audits

Our operational audit teams examine your key processes, procedures, and systems and provide value-added solutions that will increase efficiency and effectiveness. We identify areas of inefficiencies and suggest improvements to streamline processes, strategically reduce costs, and improve policies and procedures throughout the organization. We will take a deep dive into your operations to ensure all processes operate at the maximum efficiency level. Our management reporting includes reporting to the Board of Directors and Audit Committee, as well as working with senior management to implement our proposed solutions in the most efficient and effective manner.

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