IFRS Accounting And Reporting Services

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) serve as a global framework for preparing financial statements, developed by the International Accounting Standards Board. Used by over 150 countries, IFRS is emerging as the global accounting language, promoting cross-border investment by reducing capital costs and breaking down barriers. Utilizing IFRS enhances the quality, comparability, and transparency of financial information, fostering credibility and improving access to credit and investment opportunities.

How CFGI Can Help

Our IFRS technical professionals anticipate accounting requirements, leveraging deep subject matter knowledge and broad sector experience from global engagements. We simplify complex situations into language understandable by non-accountants. CFGI aids companies in successfully transitioning to or from IFRS, ensuring compliance, and provides advice on global sustainability, including ESG reporting. Our advisors offer comprehensive solutions in areas such as transition methodology, technical accounting, treasury, tax, interim resources, M&A, valuations, and project management.

CFGI’s experts keep you updated on evolving IFRS and global sustainability landscapes, promoting consistent interpretation and application of standards. We help you navigate through complexity, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our Cross-Functional Solutions Include:

IFRS ↔ US GAAP Conversions

Financial Reporting Integration

IFRS Technical Accounting Advice & Support

Other Critical Stand-Ready Support


CFGI’s IFRS experts are adept at translating intricacies into understandable language for your financial statements and global sustainability reporting. We establish a cross-functional team with agility and efficiency, offering practical, hands-on advice and acumen in accounting, business, and technology.

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