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CFGI Can Help You Navigate the Challenges of a Post-Adoption World

Although most companies have successfully transitioned to the new leasing standard (ASC 842), many continue to find it challenging to proactively manage their lease portfolios and ensure continued compliance with financial reporting requirements. These challenges are heightened in the current economic environment, when many companies are actively managing their real estate footprint to respond to evolving workplace trends, such as remote work.

Finance teams also may find it challenging to stay up to date on current lease accounting trends. Lessees and Lessors continue to modify the structure of leasing transactions to adapt to changes in the current economic environment, which can result in accounting and tax implications. Regulators, standard setters and accounting firms are constantly updating their interpretive guidance to address these new accounting complexities.

CFGI’s leasing experts have helped hundreds of clients navigate the accounting and operational challenges associated with leasing activity.

We empower management teams to identify and proactively address potential lease accounting challenges to ensure that leasing activity is reported timely and correctly.
Our expertise can help you :
Companies also frequently encounter operational challenges when managing their lease portfolio, particularly when there is a high volume of leases and related activity. CFGI’s experts also can help you:

Establish effective processes and controls to capture lease activity accurately and timely and minimize compliance costs, including:

Maintain a complete repository of leases, including embedded leases, and determine how best to manage that portfolio (e.g., maintain in Excel or migrate to a lease accounting software platform)

Streamline deployment of new lease accounting software to help companies achieve more extensive automation, time savings, and cost reduction, including assistance with data migration and ongoing platform maintenance

Provide valuation services to determine incremental borrowing rates or ascribe value to acquired leases in business combinations and asset acquisitions

CFGI Has Your Back

Effectively navigating the new era of lease accounting requires multiple skill sets, including advanced technical accounting expertise, business acumen with a focus on practical application, and IT expertise. CFGI’s cross-functional experts can provide a lucid, fresh perspective on your policies, processes and compliance programs. We will work with you to explore practical, cost-effective, strategies for ensuring ongoing compliance with leasing requirements, and recommend how to strategically leverage technology to ensure continued financial reporting compliance with minimal disruption.

To learn more about how CFGI can support your organization throughout the transition and beyond, contact our experts today.

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