April Coleman: Former SEC Reviewer Spearheading CFGI’s Dedicated IPO Team

Experience is as good as gold in the accounting advisory world, and arguably no one at CFGI has spent as much time working both sides of the advisory/client aisle than Partner April Coleman. During her 20+ year career, April has spent time on both the advisory and industry sides, as well as a multi-year stint working for the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Her unique perspective and career path give April a major advantage when spearheading IPO projects. Her expertise extends across the entire IPO workflow, and her background working at the SEC helps her anticipate comments and requirements and keep the whole process moving along. She brings passion, expertise and candor to every project she works on, giving clients the benefit of her significant experience and ability to deliver real value and results.

The long and winding road to CFGI

Like everyone else at CFGI, April comes from a Big Four background. She got her start working for PwC’s tech audit practice. Her career isn’t limited to the advisory world, though. After PwC, April experienced life on the other side of the table, working for a public software company and, later on, a medical device manufacturer.

Where her career really takes an interesting turn is her time spent at the SEC. Working within the Division of Corporation Finance, April had plenty of opportunities to see firsthand what the SEC prioritizes most when reviewing registration statements, which factors are most likely to trip up an IPO and, in general, how the gears turn within the government institution. 

“If you haven’t worked there, the SEC can seem scary,” April notes. “They’re not that scary. They’re just regular people — accountants and attorneys — who are on a mission to protect the investing public, and they have a different perspective than that of an auditor.”

Although her career would take her back to industry work for a short period, April felt an undeniable urge to return to client service. In 2012, an opportunity presented itself, and when CFGI offered her a position within the firm, it was an easy decision to make.

Taking the IPO reins at CFGI

Right from the start, April knew the kinds of projects she wanted to work on at CFGI: IPOs. Through the years, there has been no shortage of opportunities to either lead or support IPO readiness projects. April notes that working on IPOs attracts a special type of person who doesn’t mind the often hectic and fast-paced environment. While she concedes that it’s by no means the easiest work, it’s certainly the most rewarding.

“It’s the most fun you can have in accounting,” says April. “An IPO is a really exciting time in a company’s life cycle.”

Over the years, April has built out her Capital Markets team, bringing on — “collecting,” as she says — like-minded professionals who share her passion for this challenging yet fulfilling side of consulting. It’s a strong, tight-knit team that’s willing to go the extra mile to help each other out and do what needs to be done to get a project done on time.

“Whatever I give to my people, they give back tenfold,” April explains. “I’m mostly just grateful to have the team that I have.” 

No matter how hard she works, April knows how to unwind. She recently bought an antique farmhouse in the New England countryside, where she has the space and terrain to take a snowmobile, boat or motorcycle out for a spin anytime she wants. When she’s not spending time with her three dogs, she’s hosting friends and family over weekends spent on the water, around the barbecue, in the sun or around a warm bonfire. 

Of course, her true passion revolves around her chosen career in client service and lending her unique combination of experience, smarts and skills to help clients through the daunting task of going public. 

“I definitely have found the place where I’m meant to be at CFGI,” she notes. “I have an amazing team around me, and I really enjoy client service and the fact that I’m constantly working with new businesses, industries and people.”

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