Lindsi Scanlan’s Leadership Drives Client Success in CFGI’s NYC Office

A big part of what distinguishes CFGI as an accounting advisory firm — aside from our Big Four background — is our steadfast commitment to the client experience. Perhaps no one exemplifies this more than Partner Lindsi Scanlan, who operates out of CFGI’s New York office. 

Throughout her time at CFGI, and indeed her entire career, Lindsi has made client service her top priority. That approach has been instrumental in both Lindsi’s professional success as well as her valuable contributions to CFGI’s growing presence in the New York metropolitan area.

Gravitating toward a client service career

Lindsi first got her start in the industry working as part of PwC’s audit practice. Over the seven years she spent as an auditor, she increasingly wanted to be in a position to advise her clients and collaborate with them directly to address their needs.

CFGI’s small but growing New York office seemed like the perfect environment for Lindsi to focus on client service while applying all of the accounting knowledge and experience she had accumulated at PwC. In 2014, she made the move to CFGI and hasn’t looked back since. That office of maybe a dozen people has grown enormously during Lindsi’s tenure, with more than 200 professionals now serving the needs of the New York market.

Lindsi’s title has changed several times as she steadily moved up the ranks and earned promotions for her hard work, expanded subject matter expertise and commitment to deliver results. Her role has expanded with each promotion into higher leadership positions, including working on business development, managing a growing office, mentoring team members and stepping in to handle complex transactions. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of client service in every aspect of her work.

“My role has certainly expanded over the years,” Lindsi says, “But acting as a client’s advisor on any problem they run into is still very much a key part of my work.”

Lindsi has also carved out her specialty within the firm, helping life sciences companies — and biotechs, in particular — navigate their often complex accounting needs. In fact, Lindsi is one of the firm’s foremost experts in this space.

Creating the best client experience possible

Whether she’s helping a client prepare for an audit or supporting the New York office, Lindsi’s professional philosophy can probably be summed up in one word: empathy.

“My approach really comes down to listening all the time and making sure I have a full understanding of what the client’s issue is before diving in and trying to fix things.”

Rather than rely on a standard set of best practices for every client, Lindsi is always diligent about matching the right solution to the right situation, even if it’s not always the quickest answer. Tailored services are a big part of what we do here at CFGI, and Lindsi’s continued dedication to this strategy ensures that every client receives the best support possible from our firm.

But Lindsi’s quick to point out that she can’t take sole credit for the New York office’s success. 

“My proudest moments at CFGI have all been team-based accomplishments,” Lindsi explains. “Across the board, I would say our achievements come from all the hard work that our teams put into client service.”

When you get right down to it, those people are what really drive CFGI’s success — and they’re what Lindsi appreciates most about being a part of our firm.

“It’s such a great camaraderie here,” Lindsi notes. “I’ve gotten to meet and work with so many great people at our firm and at our client’s organizations.”

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