2021 Year in Review

2021 was a year of tremendous change and growth for CFGI. We recently announced that CFGI will partner with our customer and now investor CVC Capital Partners alongside The Carlyle Group. We are excited to join forces with two of the world’s top five largest PE firms as investors and partners to expand on our lead as the nation’s largest non-audit advisory partner to the CFO. In addition, we have added over 500 new clients during the year, a milestone that speaks directly to the quality of our team of over 800 CFGI professionals.


Capital Markets 

It was a busy year in capital markets as the CFGI team worked with companies to ensure that things were done right and on time. We continue to work diligently to provide our clients with cutting-edge, customized solutions that get them to the IPO finish line. In 2021, CFGI supported 200 capital markets transactions, effectively cementing our position as the nation’s most prominent provider of services for companies aiming to enter public markets. Of course, reflective of the overall market activity, these transactions included a combination of SPAC IPOs (blank check IPOs), deSPAC mergers, reverse mergers, Up-C transactions and traditional IPOs. 

Advisory Services

Our 1000’s of clients continue to leverage CFGI for its core accounting advisory and compliance capabilities. During the year, we worked on 100’s of tax transactions, supported over 50 public companies through Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) implementations, completed 1000’s of technical accounting consultations and also completed 100’s of independent valuations.  

Private Equity Services

CFGI has continued to be the go-to firm for private equity firms for both their GP and portfolio company needs. During the year, we assisted with the IPO of a private equity firm, worked with 100’s of private equity portfolio companies and completed over 250 quality of earnings presentations for our PE clients. The trillions of dollars of PE investments continue to make this a growing part of our overall service offering. 

Improving Operations

Digital Transformation

This past year has also shown CFOs starting to actively lean in and take on transformation to improve their operations. In fact, a significant trend was CFOs’ acceptance of the need to embrace digital transformation now and into the future. This has been an essential development for our clients as we’ve worked with CFOs to embrace remote work and leverage more technology. They have begun the critical journey to digital transformation, starting a multi-year cycle toward the new way of doing business. Within the digital transformation space, CFGI has worked on many interesting projects to help clients, including automation, system selection and implementation and technology project management.


Cybersecurity is a forefront issue for all businesses and one has been a pressing issue for CFOs — now more than ever, professionals are recognizing the significance of strong cybersecurity in the digital age. At CFGI, we’ve partnered with CFOs to help them improve and implement cybersecurity, risk management and data privacy maturity initiatives. Beyond these measures, we have also supported them with their cybersecurity objective to achieve ISO 27001 compliance.

This year, we also welcomed Ninad Purohit as CFGI’s Partner leading the Cybersecurity Practice. With over 18 years of experience and thought leadership in cybersecurity, Ninad has proven to be a key member of the team. 

High Growth and New Offices

During the year, we expanded on our lead as the nation’s largest independent accounting and business advisory services firm. With this expansion, we added 100’s of new professionals to our team and also introduced new offices across the U.S. in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and San Diego. You can meet some of our leaders here and explore our full list of office locations here.

Looking Forward

As we enter 2022, CFGI is dedicated to providing CFOs, controllers and their teams the unique set of tools and solutions needed to meet today’s increasingly changing operational and regulatory challenges. We are also thrilled to continue growing as the nation’s largest non-audit accounting advisory firm, with our recent valuation of $1.86 billion and new partnerships with CVC and The Carlyle Group. Our professionals are more than ready to support your team, especially as they’ve been in your shoes. With experience from the offices of the SEC, PCAOB and the Big Four, our teams are ready to provide full-service financial consulting and corporate finance resources.

If you would like to learn more about CFGI or find out how we can potentially help you, please contact us here.

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