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IPO Readiness

Preparing for public life and everything that comes after

Taking a company public or raising capital in the public marketplace can be a challenging and lengthy process. Most private companies considering an IPO or capital market transaction do not have the bench strength or financial processes to adequately respond to the rigors of public company reporting compliance.

That’s where we can help. 

Our team has the IPO and capital markets expertise required to assist your management team with the preparation of documents vital to the IPO process, including:

  • Preparation of Reg. S-X compliant financial statements and footnotes for all required annual and interim periods.
  • Assessment and documentation of the accounting and financial reporting implications of various non-routine transactions that impact the periods being presented.
  • Preparation and drafting of financial sections of the registration statement.
  • Preparation of  SEC comment letter responses and related amendments to the registration statement.
  • Our teams are built with professionals with Big 4 experience and we focus on collaborative interactions with independent registered public accounting firms to ensure effective and efficient audit and review process.

How to get started

If your goal is to transition to public life within the next one to two years, then now is the time to start planning for IPO submission. 

The first item on your checklist is evaluating your overall IPO readiness. What does your company need to operate as a public company?

In the weeks and months leading up to submission of a registration statement, we also:

  • Draft financial statements and other financial sections of the registration statement, including pro forma calculations and disclosures.
  • Assist with audit support, including preparation of account reconciliations, technical accounting memos, consolidations, etc.
  • Prepare business valuations in connection with acquisitions or fair value accounting.
  • Transition to accounting standards applicable to public companies.
  • Support due diligence.

CFGI follows through

From pre-submission tasks to post-IPO support, the experts at CFGI help your company dot every I and cross every T. Once your company has transitioned from privately held to public, we assist with the accounting and financial reporting burdens mandated by the SEC.

Our post-submission assistance includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Supporting the quarterly close process and providing audit support.
  • Assisting with the preparation of financial statements.
  • Assisting with annual and quarterly SEC reporting.
  • Performing technical accounting assessments and assisting with the adoption of new accounting pronouncements.
  • Providing transaction support for post-IPO financings and business combinations, including post-acquisition integration support.
  • Assisting with accounting and reporting system implementations.
  • Assisting with tax planning and compliance.
  • Assisting with SOX readiness and compliance.

An IPO is more than just a transaction. It’s an important page in your company’s story, and it needs to be turned with care. 

CFGI has the IPO and financial acumen necessary to make your entry into public life and everything thereafter as seamless as possible.

Some of Our IPO Readiness Clients 

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