Integration Management and Support

Driving success of integration transactions at every stage of the transaction lifecycle

The success of an acquisition often will depend upon the successful execution of the integration of the acquired company with a platform or another existing holding. The experience required to navigate the planning of an integration carve-out, the governance needed to manage the conflicting priorities of many stakeholders, and the resources to execute on the carve-out plan often are beyond even the largest and most sophisticated Buyers.

That’s where CFGI comes in.

CFGI represents a unique blend of capabilities and experience to help plan, manage, and execute even the most complex integrations. Driven by leading practices, proven approaches, and supported by skilled professionals from across the breadth of CFGI, we help Buyers and their sponsors and advisors navigate the complexity of integrations throughout the transaction lifecycle with the goal of minimizing risks, maximizing returns, and ultimately enabling the successful realization of the investment thesis for the underlying transaction.

CFGI’s Integration Management and Support At-A-Glance

Positioning integrations for success

Critical to the success of all integrations is the Integration Management Office (IMO). Far more than a program management office, the IMO embodies a comprehensive governance structure and proven process that addresses every aspect of planning, managing, executing, and supporting an integration. Led by an IMO Director, typically with decades of industry-relevant integration experience, the IMO also incorporates integration-specialized program and project management, change management, and communications management resources necessary to bring an integration to a successful conclusion.

Key IMO Deliverables for a Typical Integration

CFGI’s capabilities to support integration do not all reside within the IMO. Our clients are also supported by a pool of expert resources from across CFGI and our most trusted partners who can roll up their sleeves and play a hands-on role in the execution of the integration. These expert resources may be involved as on-demand advisors, consultants working on specific aspects of the carve-out, or as interim resources supplementing and working as part of the Buyer’s team. All expert resources work under the direction and supervision of the IMO to ensure seamless delivery and a consistent focus on our client’s objectives for the integration.

CFGI’s Integration Governance, Structure, Process, and Resource Pools At-A-Glance

The CFGI difference

In a competitive market, CFGI stands out for a variety of reasons:

  • The ability to help execute integrations in addition to their planning, management, and support reduces the need for our clients to identify, engage, and oversee multiple service providers.
  • We partner with and augment your deal, operating, and integration teams’ pre-transaction, pre-close, and post-close efforts with skilled and experienced personnel, specialized services, and a proven integration approach to avoid duplication of effort.
  • We treat every integration as a unique undertaking, taking into consideration the divestment or investment thesis, the industry, and the proposed structure for the transaction. We then draw from and combine CFGI’s capabilities that will best address our client’s needs. This keeps the focus on helping our client bring the integration to a successful conclusion.
  • Our approach leverages a senior-level delivery model which means our Partners, Managing Directors, and other key engagement team members are accessible and responsive as needed. This allows CFGI to deploy our full range of capabilities strategically and at the optimal moments, ensuring the success of your integration without relying on junior staff.

The value of our experience

CFGI and our team have successfully collaborated on some of the most expansive and intricate integrations, serving major clients worldwide across diverse industries. Each integration is a learning experience and provides invaluable perspective we can leverage on subsequent integration efforts – including yours.