Accounting Advisory for Technology

Optimize your company’s finance function

Forward thinking — with the ability to adapt — is the key indicator for a technology-service business to succeed in this innovative industry. 

At CFGI, we bring innovation and responsiveness to the finance and accounting function. Now more than ever, solid financial and accounting principles paired with a strategic eye for finance transformation are crucial for complying with ever-changing regulations in a fast-moving industry.

We deliver knowledge and expertise needed to streamline financial workflows, and transformative resources that help turn your finance function into a strategic advantage.

How CFGI helps

CFGI provides comprehensive accounting skills to address the concerns of any technology company:

  • Inventory.
  • Purchased intangibles and long-lived assets.
  • Product warranties.
  • Complex technology-licensing arrangements.
  • Discontinued operations.
  • Internal financial planning, reporting and analysis.
  • Complex debt and equity instruments.
  • Share-based compensation arrangements.
  • Financial statement restatement projects.

Our experts can also help technology businesses adjust to complex accounting standards and navigate business growth by assisting with:

Revenue recognition

With the arrival of ASC 606, many technology organizations are still grappling with the complexities of revenue reporting for contracts with customers. CFGI can help you ease your way into a post-ASC-606 world.

Lease accounting

Under ASC 842, operating and finance leases need to be recognized on company balance sheets. This has a significant impact on how technology companies manage and report their finances. CFGI can help you identify and aggregate lease data, develop accounting policies for determining which leases need adjustments, implement new lease-accounting protocols, perform ongoing maintenance and handle due diligence every step of the way.


CFGI can also assist with everything from corporate tax solutions to IPO readiness, buy/sell due diligence, finance transformation and much more. 


Our experts are seasoned problem-solvers with extensive experience helping technology-services companies optimize their operational-finance functions. We can provide granular assistance in highly specific areas, or we can act as a strategic partner in your transformational endeavors.

Contact us to learn more about how we can augment finance and accounting at your company.