Our People

We take the time to make sure that the CFGI family is recognized, appreciated and rewarded for their contributions. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when you join the firm.

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One of the things I’ve always liked about CFGI is that there has never been red tape or a glass ceiling. Even when I was starting, CFGI was the type of company that, if you want something, and you’re really driven and motivated, you can get it. I really respect that, and I enjoy that because it allows you to grow into what you want to be. I’ve never felt that my gender has held me back or made it harder to climb up the ladder. Throughout my career, I’ve had both incredible female and male mentors.

Angela Barcelos, Partner

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At CFGI, it’s always people first. The company provides a platform to support and grow talent to the best of their potential. The sky is literally the limit.

Mun Soon Chin, Managing Director

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The reason why I joined CFGI and the reason why I stay is simply because the projects that you get to see and work on are so varied and challenging no day is ever the same and that’s exciting.

Kyle Britto, Managing Director

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I get to collaborate with an amazing team of extremely nimble, adaptive, and highly specialized professionals who are passionate about investing in their ability to learn, unlearn and relearn to provide cutting-edge solutions to some of the most complex challenges our clients face. With a support system like that, I can conquer any challenge.

Waleed Zafar, Partner