Accounting Advisory for Investment Management

Increase margins through operational improvements

Investment management firms face immense pressure to deliver for clients despite shifting regulations, new risks, rising costs and rapidly advancing, disruptive technologies.

In today’s complex financial marketing, investors and asset managers can leverage their internal processes as a strategic advantage. CFGI’s finance, accounting and technology specialists help investment management firms increase margins through operational improvements.

Embracing digital transformation

Tomorrow’s leading investment management firms will be those that use digital technology to create value.

At CFGI, finance and technology consultants provide the people, processes and technology necessary to facilitate operational excellence and enhance financial performance.

We realize that digital transformation is a journey — and we deliver guidance and resources that put you on a path to long-term success. 

Robotic process automation

One of the key ways we assist investment management firms is through intelligent automation. Our cross-functional finance and technology experts have extensive experience using RPA as a conduit to finance transformation and operational excellence.

RPA entails the deployment of software robots that can perform data-handling tasks faster and more accurately than humans. They operate on top of existing IT infrastructure, which allows them to act as a bridge between legacy systems and newer digital solutions.

Furthermore, RPA bots function around the clock, and they rigidly adhere to internal controls, meaning they simultaneously increase the productivity of digital tasks while reducing risk. More importantly, they assume many of the rote tasks associated with cost management so that investors can dedicate more time to actually creating value for clients.


Digital transformation oversight is one of our core competencies. Our highly experienced finance, accounting and technology experts have completed more than 500 automations and established RPA Centers of Excellence all over the world. 

CFGI has performed countless internal audits and made innumerable finance technology recommendations that have helped companies worldwide see tangible portfolio returns.

We can do the same for your investment management firm.