Finance Transformation

Achieve operational excellence of the finance function

Finance is transforming. CFO’s are under mounting pressure to deliver greater strategic value and more meaningful data and analysis — all while improving performance at a lower cost to the business. 

Meanwhile, unprecedented market complexities necessitate new efficiency drivers. Failure to be agile and responsive in the face of quickly evolving conditions can manifest as cost and productivity pressures, business partner dissatisfaction, poor employee morale, fragmented business models, talent shortages and greater risk exposure.

As the world of finance continues to transform, there is only one sustainable, long-term response: to transform with it.

At CFGI, our dynamic, cross-functional experts build partnerships with businesses to develop, execute and maintain highly successful finance transformation strategies. We transform the finance function from a set of transactional workflows into a strategic advantage.

Our transformational services

We understand the ever-evolving needs of the CFO, and we address those needs by providing: 

  • Financial planning and analysis: Budgeting and forecasting, industry KPI development, customer profitability, capital allocation and more.
  • Operational finance: Close, consolidation and reporting, order to cash; procure to pay, record to report, finance applications and data structures. 
  • Operating model optimization: Targeted process optimization, operating-model optimization and organization design.   
  • Event led transformation: Merger integration, sell-side diligence, operational IPO readiness and equity carve-out. 
  • Enterprise performance management: Program management, change management, ROI tracking, ongoing health checks and more. 
  • Digital transformation: Robotic process automation, AI/cognitive automation, data and analytics, and visualizations.
  • Advisory: Tax, valuation, accounting advisory, risk advisory and more.

How we facilitate transformation

The imperative to transform has never been more urgent. Nevertheless, businesses must have a clear, well-supported, highly-structured and data-driven approach to transformation. Otherwise, they risk walking straight into one of many potential pitfalls: unclear business strategies, limited buy-in, insufficient understanding of expectations, reactive stakeholder engagement, greater process complexity that fails to actually solve any problems, poor use of technology and, ultimately, a money pit.

At CFGI, we methodically preempt these pitfalls by delivering:

  • Transparency and clarity with both bottom-up and top-down strategies.
  • Change enablement at all levels of the organization. 
  • Hands-on support and engagement with all stakeholders.
  • Clear change management protocols.
  • Streamlined communications.
  • Data-driven decision-making and quantifiable success metrics.
  • Empathy, respect and thoughtfulness in during change implementation.

Our methodology

Discovery and prioritization

Our cross-functional consultants work with internal SMEs to determine the root cause of bottlenecks, inefficiencies and process breakdowns. Together, we identify and document the processes, risks, quick wins and opportunities associated with those issues. 

Current state assessment

We perform a more detailed assessment of high-priority processes by collaborating with SMEs, stakeholders and process owners. This gives us a clearer picture of the state of organization, processes and technology, and allows us to refine our priorities.

Future state define

We work with priority-process stakeholders to start mapping out the desired future state of the finance function, one with a greater focus on standardization, automation and simplification. This is when we begin developing a unified transformation roadmap across people, process and technology components. 

Implement and change management

We implement improvements to organization, processes, technology, tools and controls. We also deliver quick wins for internal change partners, help update affected policies, train staff and conduct change management activities for a smooth transition.


Finally, we implement reporting on key metrics and tracking methods, develop improvement goals and review them on an ongoing basis.


There are as many pitfalls as opportunities in finance transformation. It takes a uniquely qualified team of specialists who have extensive experience with the different facets of finance transformation — operations, controls, accounting, technology and advisory. 

CFGI is that team.

Let’s talk about how finance transformation can set your business up for lasting success.